Expand Your Horizons


We are proud to announce another in a long list of firsts!  In collaboration with long-term partners CONTEXTWEB and PointRoll, along with other inventory and expandable  rich media providers, expandables are now available at scale via the DataXu platform. Literally billions of monthly impressions just waiting for your brand to fill them!

Why is this so exciting?

How ’bout the powerful combination of industry-leading optimization technology and top notch creative executions?  Add those to placement on high quality exchange-traded media, and you’ve got yourself a campaign proven to deliver results.

Are you a performance advertiser not using expandable rich media because you tried it before and the numbers didn’t pencil out? Now is probably a good time to revisit.

Are you a brand advertiser reserving expandables for just a few publisher placements with limited reach? Let’s get your campaigns scaled up already!

At the end of day, the proof is in the numbers. In every measurement scenario (e.g. view-through reporting, driving brand awareness and key purchase indicators, etc.), expandables outperform their static counterparts by an average of 40–50%, and in some cases by as much as 120-180%.

And it gets better…rumor has it that if you book a campaign with us by August 30 you will have a shot at a weekend getaway to the Hamptons or Napa Valley…on us.

Adrian Tompsett, Director of Business Development