Evolution of the Agency: Powering Forward with Programmatic


The rise in popularity of programmatic advertising is no surprise when you think about the way in which we consume media today. Gone are the days of “one television households” and dial-up internet. Today’s consumers are always connected and are active across multiple devices, screens and formats 24/7. Leading brands know that in order to be successful, they must execute consumer-centric media strategies. This requires agency partners to develop in-house expertise that can facilitate those connections.

The industry’s rapid programmatic adoption has not come without its share of challenges. Agencies and brands that are deciding to make the programmatic leap must choose which platform is right for them. They also must choose whether to take technology in-house or leverage programmatic as a managed service. More importantly, both the agency and the client must determine how large of a role programmatic will play in their overall media strategy now and in the future. None of these decisions are easy or straightforward, which is why we set out to explore the benefits and challenges of taking programmatic in-house for independent agencies.

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