The Evolution of the CMO


This week, ExchangeWire published this new article by DataXu’s Chris Le May, SVP & MD, Europe and emerging markets. Take a look and click through to ExchangeWire for the full piece!

Marketing and technology complement rather than contradict each other, at least when it comes to the role of the CMO. In this piece, Chris Le May (pictured below), SVP & MD, Europe and emerging markets, DataXu, takes a look at the changing importance and impact of the role of the CMO.

The ever-growing impact of technology on the role of the marketer has sparked a debate around whether a chief marketing officer is now morphing into a chief marketing technologist. Is the CMO evolving from the guardian of creative expression into the champion of data-driven efficiency? There is evidence for and against this, as revealed in our report ‘The New Marketer’, released in 2015. An overwhelming 70% feel that, over the next five years, more companies will begin hiring CMTs and tech-focused marketers in general. 53% say most organisations should employ both a CMO and a CMT, or tech-focussed senior marketer. 35% believe CMTs are so vital to the future of business that they will replace the traditional CMO role.

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