Embracing the Future: Introducing the Chief Marketing Technologist


Part technology expert, part strategist, part creative thinker and part teacher – The Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT) is the newest, most exciting addition to the boardroom. The CMT is the business world’s response to the increasing pace of technological progress. But how prevalent is this role set to become in UK businesses? We recently surveyed 250 UK-based, senior marketers and this is what they think:

1. For 26% of UK marketers, more than 50% of their role involves the use of technology.

2. Due to increasing adoption of technology in marketing departments, and the speed at which technology progresses, the need for a CMT will become larger than ever. 70% believe that more companies will begin to recruit for CMTs within the next 5 years.

3. How this will affect the leadership structure is still up for debate, but 53% of marketers believe that brands should have both a Chief Marketing Officer and a Chief Marketing Technologist…

4. …While 35% believe that CMTs will entirely replace the CMO as head of marketing.

5. Regardless of how these two roles are reconciled, the influence of technology is set to reach as far as the boardroom – with 49% of marketers believing that CMTs should sit at board level.

New innovations such as programmatic TV, connected TV and addressable TV continue to push the industry forward, but data is never far behind. The ability to accurately translate data into insights and action requires input from individuals with a unique blend of industry expertise and analytic prowess – and the full report to learn more about how technology is shaping the new marketer.

Data taken from The New Marketer: How Data and Technology are Driving the Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist, a new report published by DataXu. Survey consisted of 250 UK-based marketing decision makers and was carried out in partnership with Redshift Research.

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