DX Video Offers Advertisers the Reach of TV with the Performance, Measurability of Digital Media


What’s the most over-used expression in advertising? No one ever got fired for buying TV. If you bought enough TV (reach plus frequency), your campaign worked. But in this new digital world, video is exploding as viewers strongly proclaim their desire to consume content when and where they want it – rather than letting TV programming dictate the rhythm of their lives.

Consumer behavior has changed. They are in control and on the move. They co-create media, and socialize it through new digital channels. With this change, the historical boundaries once found in traditional media like TV and cable no longer apply, as all media shifts to adopt new digital paradigms. The voracious appetite of the digital viewer consumes nearly 14 hours of video per month, resulting in more than 6 billion video ads served. And Google is expected to bring a flood of video and YouTube ad inventory online very soon. According to eMarketer, the burgeoning video advertising market is predicted to grow from $1.9 billion to a $5.7 billion industry in 2015. This rapid acceleration is causing agencies and marketers to rethink their advertising strategies.

Video advertising promises the sight, sound, and motion of TV with the performance and measurability of digital media. Time and again, Nielsen research has proven that people are more likely to recall messages they’ve seen through targeted online video ads than the same ads on network TV! But there are challenges. Quality video inventory can be scarce and expensive. And current video advertising methods don’t effectively measure the channel’s real value as did the GRPs of its TV brethren. Advertisers want to know that their hefty investments will yield real business results – engagement and conversions. This need is paving the way for a new breed of advertising technologies like demand side platforms (DSPs) to replace current methods of video advertising.

To meet this new demand, DataXu today announced DX Video – the third plank in our unique cross-channel strategy that allows advertisers to leverage the efficiencies, effectiveness, and insights of our media management platform across all digital channels.

With superior scale and reach, DX Video provides better price-performance than ad networks by making impression-level decisions about what to buy, which creative to show, and how much to pay. Whether you need upper funnel prospecting or lower funnel conversions, DX Video can maximize on your specific campaign objectives – including awareness, engagement, views, peer influence and sales – that are far more tangible and valuable metrics than GRPs or clicks!

Our recent campaign with Universal Pictures is a great example of the power of DX Video. The campaign goal: maximize in-unit video ad engagement to promote the theatrical debut of  “The Adjustment Bureau” starring Matt Damon. Using DataXu’s Audience Discovery technology, DX Video delivered twice the performance at 15x scale to reach new audiences versus traditional campaign tactics including contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, and premium site buys to just reach the usual “female 18-49 thriller movie-lover” segment.

Today, most video advertisers purchase on multiple networks and premium sites. Each involves a separate I/O, targeting tactics, reporting, and performance measurement.  Who has time for all that? Especially when it’s not easy to see what you really bought, what you paid, and what your real return on ad spend (ROAS) is?

DX Video offers one source for intelligently buying across all available inventory. Just one I/O. One place to get nearly any audience targeting combination(s) you can imagine. Just one single source of reporting, performance measurement, and optimization. And, that comes with full transparency into ad format and placement, so you always know what you’re getting for your money.

As the first and only DSP with a three-screen offering, DX Video solidifies DataXu’s leadership position in the industry. If you are looking to tap into the engagement power of online video, look no further than DataXu to help drive your video advertising strategy, and reach your consumers – whenever and whenever they are.