DX Brand: A New Tool for the Digital Epoch


With little fanfare, Nielsen reported last week that TV households have declined for the first time in decades. The reason? Among others, there is a new segment of young, urban consumers opting out of paid TV altogether in favor of the Internet. In other words, the Internet is starting to change TV like it changed print and radio. When we look back, I think we’ll point to May 2011 as a milestone. Farewell to the TV Epoch.

What does it all mean to brands? It’s time to stop trying to replicate analogue media metrics — like TV’s “Gross Rating Point” — in a digital world. It’s time to start thinking like a “digital native”, like a scientist, and demand outcomes tied directly to your brand objectives. This way of working, while first embraced by direct marketers online, can and should extend to brand marketers too.

Today, we are proud to introduce the latest member of the growing DataXu product family: DX Brand. For the first time, brand marketers can invest in digital media with complete confidence that the campaign is positively changing consumer sentiment. This is truly revolutionary.

Since we launched the DX2 platform, our brand and agency customers have asked us if it would be possible to extend the efficiencies of our DSP model to drive branding campaigns using digital media. Could we measure and optimize not just consumer behaviors, but also consumer attitudes? It’s been talked about for years, but no one has been able to pull it off. So we accepted the challenge. We solved what is a pretty hard problem – how to take survey feedback and integrate it back into our machine learning system so we can optimize on shifts in sentiment, in run time. Our solution not only provides tremendous results at scale, but also yields new, actionable insights into consumer behavior.

Our first customer – an iconic US automaker promoting a new engine for their flagship truck, realized over 9% favorability lift, and close to a 6% awareness lift, across more than 28M people. Our agency partner just said “[DX Brand] will forever change brand advertising.” Hearing that felt pretty amazing.

DX Brand, built on the industry-leading DX2 platform, harnesses real time bidding to deliver brand results. The platform identifies consumers most likely to be receptive to a brand’s message, and evaluates which creative(s) and content work best; then it buys those impressions, through real time bidding, at an efficient price. The platform never tires, and never takes an outcome for granted; it constantly re-evaluates its assumptions, and finds the opportunities that create positive brand results at the best value. The result is the ability to immediately improve brand lift with massive reach.

Along with DX Mobile and DX Video, this is the third major product we’ve released since February. In each case, working with our customers, we identified a need and were the first (and only) DSP to fill it. In an industry that is evolving as rapidly as ours, we’re excited to set the pace for innovation and to redefine what can be done!

This was a collaborative effort. Our team here at DataXu worked especially close with our customers on this one. Together, we can say, “It isn’t impossible, we just did it.” Welcome to the Digital Epoch.

Sandro Catanzaro, Co-Founder and VP of Analytics and Innovation, DataXu