Do you want a better report or do you want to get #$%#@ done faster?



The digital marketing industry is fond terms like “actionable analytics” or “addressable analytics” – superior tools that give you deeper insights so you can make better decisions and look smart.  What’s not to like?  Good reports are essential, but they are usually a waypoint to what you really care about: using more data to get better results faster than your competition.

DataXu technology represents the next generation of data-driven decisioning, designed to convert data into insight into action continuously.  We call this Active Analytics™ because it goes beyond passive reporting, and actually executes millions of decisions on behalf of a user.  It can analyze more data and adjust more quickly than even the best “actionable analytics.”

Reporting, which is usually what is meant by analytics, is fundamentally a passive activity, even on its best day when the reports are “actionable.”  They are passive because they are show a reader what happened in the past, and leave the onus of the decision and action on the reader.  Good reports are “actionable,” and help a reader make a decision more quickly.  But the reader still has to make a decision, pick up the phone, renegotiate a deal, push a button, shift budget, etc. to execute the action.  This is an old paradigm that fails to thrive in the era of Big Data and micro-second transactions.

Why can’t more technology platforms do this?  You need an integrated Big Data stack that can not only process and report on your data, but can also transact programmatically.  It turns out this is pretty hard to build, but it will define the future of Big Data technology, even well beyond digital marketing.

By Aaron Kechley, VP of Products