Digital-Age Marketing And The Importance Of Big Data


FBTOriginally posted on Fresh Business Thinking, April 26, 2013

By Sacha Berlik, General Manager, Europe

Big data has been a buzzword for some time now, but the volume, velocity, variety and variability of data are so great that marketers are in danger of being overwhelmed. At precisely the moment when real customer understanding seems so within reach, the avalanche of data makes it seem as far away as ever.

While companies make the right noises, many are squandering the data/insights that they have invested in capturing. Consider that, according to Gartner, enterprise data is expected to grow by 650% in the next five years, much of that from the increase in digital footprints created by consumers. It goes without saying that the failure to use this data correctly not only reduces ROI, but also puts companies at risk competitively.

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