dataxu continues to ensure protection, even from latest fraud attack


You may have already heard about the recent discovery presented by Pixalate: The Xindi Botnet.  Any news of fraudulent activity, especially any new findings of fraudulent activity, brings with it the begging question: “Am I Protected?”

The answer we would all like to hear is “Yes, you have been proactively protected from attacks such as these for quite some time.” Luckily, for dataxu Customers, this is the answer you’ll get!

dataxu executes a protection that is based in our belief of a “Defense in Depth” approach.  In addition to our internal solutions that detect suspicious behavior, then proceeds to block it as to not waste additional marketing dollars, DataXu has strategically developed partnerships to augment our fraud detection capabilities.  Most notably, our partnership with DoubleVerify, and their fraud technology along with our own, has has positioned us as a leader in the industry when it comes to fraud protection. Using this DoubleVerify technology layer of protection, we are proactively blocking any impression that is deemed as either bot or site fraud before the impression ever receives a bid.

When it comes to the Xindi botnet, DoubleVerify has classified this type of fraud both pre- and post-bid, so our platform is equipped to handle this type of attack. As is true with any and all fraudulent activity today, there is no way to prevent fraud 100% of the time. Because of this, dataxu continues to offer our industry-first ‘97% Fraud Free Guarantee’ which continues to apply to these and any other fraudulent impressions.  This guarantee ensures that when any customer experiences a fraud rate of greater than 3%, dataxu will pay back any fees associated with these impressions.

Because of dataxu’s partnership with another industry leader, IAS, we are also able to tell our clients that their fraud protection or their “firewall” has also been detecting and blocking this type of fraud.  DataXu and others in the industry owe a bit of gratitude to the players in this industry such as Pixalate, DoubleVerify and IAS, which are doing all they can to make sure that marketing dollars are spent the way they are intended.

On this attack, dataxu and our partners were out ahead of it because we have all been continually improving our protection.  There will continue to be these types of attacks until something is done at a higher level.  But until that time comes, customers can take solace in the fact that we will continue to improve our protection, and continue to be prepared for whatever fraudulent attack comes next.  Until then, continue to ask more from the industry and trust that DataXu is fighting on the fraud frontlines both with and for our customers.