A Day in the Life of a XuKeeper: Peter


Meet Peter Buckley, DataXu’s Release Engineering Manager, based in the Boston office. Peter’s been a XuKeeper for 2 years and is deeply in love with efficiency.

Peter Buckley

Explain your role at DataXu. What do you do?

I help the software engineers collaborate and create repeatable, automated processes to store, obtain, review, compile, test, and release their code. I think a good analogy in the non-software world is blacksmithing or inventing CNC machinery – I often make tools to make tools.

How did you land at DataXu?

Many years ago I attended Northeastern University and while on a co-op (internship) I was introduced to the myriad branches of source control, the customizable power of emacs, and the beautiful efficiency of the unix command line – needless to say, I was hooked! Since then I’ve worked on building and releasing software and supporting engineering development teams and I was fortunate enough to come to DataXu in 2014.

Peter and his son at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Back to school shopping in Diagon Alley

What’s exciting you the most about DataXu’s future?

I’m deeply in love with efficiency – specifically streamlining tasks and processes to get the computers doing the repetitive tasks so the humans can focus on what’s creative and more interesting. I think DataXu is in a great position to grow and excel while we enable the software developers to be more efficient.

DataXu’s core values are: Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, Trust and Customer Obsession… the value that resonates with you most is….

Collaboration! Lately I’m finding the most exciting things to work on are not just the interesting technical challenges we have but rather the tasks of helping teams communicate and work more efficiently together to accomplish more than we could separately.

Peter and his daughter in a kayak

Life’s a beach!

Word Association Time!

  • I say programmatic, you say….
    • Everything! Let’s not stop at programmatic advertising for our external customers – we shouldn’t expect anything less for our internal systems. Things like programmatic releases and builds, programmatic bug fixes, programmatic status reports, the list goes on.
  • Most exciting aspect of Adtech, go!
    • I find it fascinating to be at a company that’s at the forefront of this technology, participating in the rapid evolution of the market across desktop, mobile, and TV.

Peter in the Boston DataXu Office

The obligatory “I’m working, not browsing reddit” picture

  • What is your spirit animal?
    • The Lamb. It represents sacrifice – I consider it a joy and privilege to pour out my time and talents to support others and make their jobs better and more efficient.
  • If you could have coffee with anyone from the industry, who would it be?
    • Mike Baker. Every time I hear from Mike (at our company meetings, at lunch club, in passing at the company parties), he’s full of great insights on the industry and he’s inspiring.
  • I say DataXu, you say…
    • A great place to work! I’ve worked at a couple fantastic places in the past and sometimes thought when things wrapped up that I’d never see anything that great again. But DataXu is the best so far!
  • Favorite industry buzz word
    • Programmatic! Everything!
  • How do you relax?
    • So many choices! Read, swim, game (board or video) with my kids; enjoy a glass of wine with my wife over a board game or favorite British TV show. I also find inventing small efficiencies around the house (like my remote trash can lid lifter) to be a relaxing pastime. And when it comes to relaxation it’s hard to beat the old fashioned nap.

Peter and his family with the new Harry Potter Book

Peter & his cursed children at a midnight book release

  • Least favorite industry buzz word
    • Anything with an acronym that has a longstanding different meaning in another context. I’m ever mentally re-translating DSP in context to “Demand Side Platform” when it has long been etched in my brain as Digital Signal Processor.
  • Favorite snack in the DataXu kitchen
    • The full-size Dove bars (vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate shell). Delicious but I know I shouldn’t have them often – thankfully they don’t flow as freely as the seltzer machine (my 2nd favorite)!
  • Fun fact 
    • My family just got a beagle puppy. He was born on 3/15 so we named him “The Ides of March – Rubicon”. We’re making signs that say “Beware The Ides of March” and “Don’t Cross the Rubicon” with his picture.

Peter and his family

Peter & family posing with their new puppy

  • Life advice…
    • There’s no greater love than laying down your life for your friends. For many of us this isn’t an “all or nothing” decision or moment of making that ultimate sacrifice – but we have repeated opportunities to “lay down our lives” and put our friends first in a series of many small decisions where we can pick the selfless option over the selfish one.