dataxu’s Audience Manager: Intuitive, time saving workflows


dataxu’s Audience Manager is fully integrated in TouchPoint™ and allows users to easily search and select data segments that best align with target audiences more efficiently than ever.

Easily search, assign and combine audiences on one screen

Audiences can be accessed via this single-page setup and users can simply locate first or third-party audiences by keyword or category. To make audience assignment even more effortless, all audience combinations can be built using drag-and-drop Boolean logic. And to save time, users can share first-party audiences or clone existing composed audiences across all advertisers within their account.

Forecasted audience sizes populate directly in the UI

Our customers wanted to better understand reach – and we listened. Their direct feedback was incorporated into our development when building this workflow. Really, this new Audience Manager enables users to forecast audiences directly in the UI – within seconds! Forecasting details include the type of IDs an audience is composed of – this includes cookies and mobile IDs (aka MAIDs), with household IDs coming soon.

Customer-focused innovation

Incorporating this level of detail in the UI took total cross-team collaboration. Our ingrained culture of teamwork and customer-focused innovation made this intuitive Audience Manager workflow possible. We’re thrilled to provide improved technology solutions to make it easier for agencies and their brands to reach their target audiences and measure success more coherently across all screens.