dataxu to Join Roku


This is a big day for our company. We are pleased to announce that Roku will acquire dataxu.

We founded dataxu in 2009 to bring the power of data science to the art of marketing.  Along the way, we’ve continuously innovated to help our customers succeed, building a premier DSP to automate campaign management, adding best-in-class machine learning to optimize ROI, and integrating our solution across the industry to make the dream of omnichannel advertising a reality.

But our vision has always been to bring these capabilities to the most powerful form of media — TV.  And now, as the consumer TV experience is transformed by streaming, we have brought our advanced data science technologies to help TV advertisers drive valuable outcomes. Today dataxu has been recognized by firms like Forrester and our customers alike as a leading video-centric DSP, continuing to innovate with advanced OTT audience, forecasting, inventory and measurement capabilities.

Roku is wildly succeeding as the No. 1 U.S. streaming platform. They are a leading provider to Ad Age’s top 200 advertisers and stream more ad-supported TV hours than any other OTT platform according to ComScore.

We are very excited to join Roku’s Platform Business. Roku is gaining a team with great expertise and experience, including a remarkable group of innovators who know their way around data and analytics. We will flourish as a core part of Roku’s platform.

We see a future where Roku is using dataxu solutions to put industry-best data, premium inventory and measurement tools in the hands of advertisers. We look forward to sharing more as the teams begin working together.

For now, it’s business as usual for our customers, partners and employees.

It’s been an incredible journey and we’d like to thank our many friends, collaborators and customers who have played such an important part along the way.

Looking ahead, we are excited to be part of the incredible Roku story.

Mike Baker

Co-founder, CEO dataxu