dataxu one of first 100 companies approved for TAG registry


This week dataxu was named as one of the first 100 companies approved for TAG registry. This important initiative kicks off what is sure to be a new era of transparency in digital advertising.

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) is an advertising industry initiative created to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain. TAG’s first priority will be to create overall inventory quality guidelines (IQGs). In addition, TAG will focus its efforts on combating fraud, piracy and malware. Together, TAG initiatives will help to create a cleaner, safer digital ecosystem for all. As an industry leader when it comes to quality and defense-in-depth, dataxu will play a key role in each of these initiatives.

Due to the enormous success and impact of digital advertising over the last decade, the industry continues to be subject to criminal activity in the form of fraud, piracy and malware. Companies like ours have been working tirelessly for years to combat these bad practices, but the work is ongoing.

Here at dataxu, we provide a myriad of tools (client-facing ones AND technology behind the scenes) to our customers to help combat fraudsters. Our 97% Fraud Free Guarantee saved customers $54M in 2015 alone. The guarantee promises that all ads, regardless of format, will be 97% fraud-free, and is verified by MRC accredited vendor DoubleVerify. The guarantee comes at no additional cost to dataxu customers and was the first of its kind when introduced in January 2015.

There are many more hurdles to overcome, and TAG, along with companies like dataxu, will be working together now and in the future to continue to provide a brand-safe digital advertising experience.

Transparency is at the heart of dataxu’s core values, and we are proud to support and contribute to TAG’s efforts as an extension of our existing defense-in-depth approach.