dataxu receives two TAG Certification Seals


Marketers and advertisers continue to tackle several significant issues facing the industry, such as ad fraud, piracy and transparency.

To move the industry forward together in the face of these issues, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) was created. TAG is a collaborative group of companies who represent various points of view across the digital advertising supply chain. The group helps support initiatives relating to fraud, malware, piracy and overall quality and transparency. A piece of this support is the TAG Registry, which identifies trusted players in the digital advertising ecosystem and enables companies to feel confident that they are working with responsible partners and avoiding association with criminal activity.

Today, TAG announced that more than 200 companies have applied for TAG registration and that a number of TAG registry members have earned TAG Certified Seals. As a part of this announcement, dataxu, a current member of the TAG registry, received both the Certified Against Piracy Seal and the Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG) Seal. The full article can be found here.

Below is a quick snapshot on what these seals mean for dataxu and our customers:

What is the Piracy Seal?

The Piracy Seal represents a certification of the TAG anti-piracy program. Members of TAG who wish to obtain this seal must show that they can provide advertisers with tools that limit their exposure to undesirable websites and other media properties that facilitate the distribution of pirated content. This certification helps marketers and advertisers avoid damage to their brand that may occur from ad placement on these undesirable properties.

What is the IQG Seal?

IQG is the Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG) certification offered by TAG. Members of TAG can audit their internal processes and ensure that transparency is maintained throughout all touch points of any transaction. An IQG certification provides marketers and advertisers with confidence in knowing that, when they purchase inventory through a TAG certified company, they are getting what they expect. It takes the uncertainty away and allows the marketer to focus on the important aspects of their dollar.

Why are these seals important?

Transparency and quality of media and media placement have dragged down the promise of programmatic advertising for too long. Brands, DSPs, SSPs, publishers and everyone else in between, needs to work together to ensure that all their partners are operating in a clean, transparent way that helps add value to the entire industry. It is this group effort and collaboration that will lead to everyone’s success.

TAG was recently highlighted at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in March by Marc Pritchard as an important aspect of getting this industry to realize its promise. This collaborative working group will help to move the industry forward and these certifications represent a key piece of that movement.

How is dataxu involved?

dataxu has been at the forefront of ensuring its customers’ marketing dollars are going towards quality inventory and achieving their marketing goals. This is evident with the industry’s first Fraud Free Guarantee launched at the start of 2015, and its continuation today. Since the launch of this initiative, marketing professionals can trust that dataxu is operating in their best interests.

These certifications are part of a continued commitment dataxu has made toward ensuring quality on our platform and in our business partnerships. We are proud to be a part of the various TAG working groups and very pleased that our practices continue to live up to the standards the industry has set.