DataXu Offers an Option for Privacy-Conscious Advertisers to Run Effective Campaigns


Customers and partners have been approaching us with questions and concerns regarding recent proposed legislation around Do Not Track (DNT) and the DAA Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising.  They want to understand what the new self-regulations are, how they will be impacted, and what are we doing about it. In an effort to help educate on these important issues, we are releasing new industry guidance to help “future proof” digital marketing strategies.

DataXu’s DX2 second-generation Demand Side Platform (DSP) offers numerous targeting options, including retargeting and audience buying. However, unlike first generation DSPs which rely solely on cookies, our system also looks at non-cookie data on ad impressions that elicit positive actions. The system develops a “Brand Genome,” or a campaign-specific algorithm, that pursues ad impressions with similar attributes – including things like type of site, page key words, time of day, geography, browser type, and which creative unit to serve.  The system continuously adjusts and bids accordingly, based on an advertiser’s specific campaign metrics. Ads are placed based on where they are likely to drive performance, enabling advertisers to discover new prospects they didn’t know existed. We call this approach “audience discovery.”

Audience discovery offers the privacy-conscious advertiser an alternative that can perform as well or better than traditional tactics without behavioral targeting, and a great way to “future proof” your digital strategy.