DataXu MarketPulse: The Most Valuable Data for Real Time Bidding: The “Brand Genome”


Today, we released our sixth MarketPulse newsletter, a regular publication utilizing DataXu’s proprietary data to uncover and reveal interesting trends in digital advertising.  This month’s report examines Brand Genomes and the performance impact of custom campaign models versus one-size-fits-all content and audience channels.

The full pdf is available here: DataXu MarketPulse_Brand Genomes_November 2010.

DataXu MarketPulse: November 2010

The Most Valuable Data for Real Time Bidding: The Brand Genome’

Brands make enormous investments to develop differentiation that drives success in the marketplace. However, when buying digital advertising, that differentiation is often lost through a generic media plan. One-size-fits-all content and audience channels that target “soccer moms” or “auto intenders” fail to address the unique traits of a brand and its consumers. The loss of uniqueness is compounded when ad networks reuse campaign data across competitors.

In contrast, the world of real time bidding has evolved beyond predetermined channels, producing a new set of insights that make it possible to create an advertiser’s own unique “Brand Genome.”  Using impression-level decisioning across multiple targeting parameters, an advertiser can for the first time build a data model that defines exactly how consumers behave in relation to a specific campaign. Deciding who, what, where, and when – ads are placed based on where they are proven to drive performance; enabling advertisers to discover new prospects they didn’t know existed.

brand genome heat maps

To demonstrate just how unique each Brand Genome is, DataXu’s Advanced Analytics Group applied different campaign strategies to three leading automotive brands and compared the conversion success rates.

From left to right, the columns below show the performance of running Brand A’s campaign using a run of network buy, an audience buy, a buy modeled on competitive B and C genomes, and finally, a buy based on Brand A’s own genome. The advertiser’s own brand genome campaign drove conversion rates 2-3X higher than traditional campaign strategies. Interestingly, using competitive genomes did little to increase conversions, further validating the need to develop unique media strategies to drive optimal campaign performance.

conversion rate chart

For the full MarketPulse report, you can download the pdf here.

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