DataXu MarketPulse: “Last Click Attribution: A Simple Way to Misallocate Your Budget”


Today, we released our third MarketPulse newsletter, a regular publication utilizing DataXu’s proprietary data to uncover and reveal interesting trends in digital advertising.  This month’s issue focuses on a highly contentious issue in the online advertising space – Last Click Attribution.

DataXu MarketPulse: July 2010

“Last Click Attribution: A Simple Way to Misallocate Your Budget”

Taking a look at data for six client campaigns, the DataXu team identified some interesting attribution trends.

consultive campaign chart

Data highlights

  • For all campaigns, last click attribution ignored 97% of spend driving conversions — which often results in over-spending in search and re-targeting, and under-spending in display that drives demand creation.
  • The recommended attribution period for short consideration products, such as CPG, is two weeks. In the campaign shown above, this window includes 90% of impressions  that converted.
  • The recommended attribution period for long consideration products, such as Insurance and Autos is five weeks.
  • The length of time it takes to attribute 90% of conversions varies by 250%; each product requires its own distinct attribution model
Ultimately, no two campaigns are alike, and what drives their success is tough to predict at the outset, but incredibly valuable to understand.

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