DataXu Launches DX Social


DataXu Launches DX Social from DataXu on Vimeo.

We live in an inter-connected digital world that is growing more social every day. In response, major marketers are increasingly integrating advertising on social destinations into their overall marketing programs – and today, all roads lead to Facebook. Facebook users are extremely engaged with both friends and brands. However, consumers do not live in silos; they move freely across many digital channels. And Facebook, while providing many proprietary targeting and reporting options, still resembles a walled garden where digital marketing insights cannot flow in or out. Therefore, when our clients began asking us if we could apply our decisioning and analytical firepower inside Facebook’s walls, we knew we had a new challenge to meet…and we met it.

Today we’re excited to share with you the release of DX Social, the latest extension of our market-leading solution for digital marketing effectiveness.  As part of our integrated cross-channel platform, DX Social helps brands to drive consumer social activities and engagement, including optimizing marketing on Facebook. Unlike existing solutions, DX Social creates and uses consumer behavioral insights from a marketer’s investments in other channels (including display, mobile and video) to dramatically improve the ROI of Facebook and other social media investments.

DX Social has already proven itself to be a success in client beta testing. A national insurance company using DX Social yielded a cost-per-lead (CPL) improvement of 774% over the course of a two-week test, and high-value behaviors (HVBs) identified by the client improved by 377%.

An emerging mobile operator, SIMPLE Mobile, achieved a monthly brand lift of 661% on Facebook in only four days using DX Social.

As we’ve seen with other industries, the transition to digital will create winners and losers.  Brands that continuously “invent the future” will thrive.  We invite you to co-invent with us.  The future is now; let’s embrace it!

For more information on DX Social, check out the video or see the press release.

Shane Keats

Director of Product Marketing