DataXu at DX3!


By Kevin Babcock, Account Director

Heading to Toronto for Canada’s largest digital marketing event, the DX3 conference last month, my colleague and I were equal parts anxious and excited. Canada represented a new territory for us, and we were unsure of what we’d find. As we attended sessions and spoke with attendees, we learned that Canada is on the cusp of the Programmatic Marketing boom happening all across the globe.

With over 5,000 leading digital marketers and technology providers in attendance, the familiarity with programmatic marketing ranged from beginner to expert.  As you would expect from savvy thought leaders though, each and every individual we spoke with was hungry to learn more about how Programmatic Marketing is re-engineering the industry’s approach to marketing.

Kevin presenting at DX3 Canada
Kevin presenting at DX3 Canada

While at DX3, I had several great conversations, including one with a Managing Director at Ogilvy Canada, who was  interested in understanding DSP capabilities around data as it relates to Canada, especially given the newness of 3rd party data. I expressed to him DataXu’s belief that, between the combination of robust data sets (1st, 2nd and 3rd party), the ability to execute and invest on those data sets across any digital channel, and the ability to derive insights and trends with that data in real time with an enterprise software platform is critical to marketers’ success moving forward. At the event, it was this software-based, cross channel approach that had so many of our Canadian counterparts excited about what the future holds.

Of course, what we heard more often than anything was how increasingly difficult it is for marketers and advertisers to navigate the digital technology space. With so many different providers aggressively claiming to do this or that, even the savviest brands can have a hard time in differentiating between the various companies and technologies. This is where our role as a technology provider becomes so important: we must be diligent in the continuing education of our prospective clients, while helping them to understand our role in this space and how we truly deliver on the promise of Programmatic Marketing.

As the conference concluded, we are even more excited to watch the Programmatic Marketing revolution unfold and to play a part in shaping it. Thank you to all of the folks we had a chance to engage with; we’ll be seeing much more of you very soon!