DataXu DCO helps BSSP win “Best Use of Big Data” award


By Shane Keats, Director of Product Marketing

BSSP is an incredibly creative and innovative agency  in the Bay Area, so it was no surprise when I learned that they won an award from ssBIG  for “Best Use of Big Data” for their work on behalf of Columbia Sportswear.

What made it so special?

BSSP used our Dynamic Creative Optimization software to harness a real-time data feed of local weather to drive creative customization of their creative.

Raining in Troy?  Run the rain slicker creative.

dco columbia 1

dco columbia 2

Snowing in Schenectady? Hit them with the parka.

dco columbia 3

dco columbia 4

According to Lynda Richardson, Media Director of BSSP, the campaign drove 4x more engagement on compared with the prior fall/winter campaign. That’s some great optimization.