dataxu Customer Advisory Board: collaborating with our customers to ensure mutual success


At dataxu, we provide our customers with opportunities to give feedback on an ongoing basis – through our dedicated account services team, interactive feedback tools directly in our UI and via programs like the Partner Acceleration Program. One additional touchpoint that facilitates mutual business growth and alignment takes shape in the form of our Customer Advisory Board.  Last week, board members joined dataxu experts to discuss the future state of our offerings and overall strategy. Read more below for a recap of the event:

On November 6th, dataxu hosted several customer partners from around North America and Europe at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco for a full day of content and networking. Customers met with the Product Management and dataxu’s Executive team to discuss dataxu’s current and future product direction.

Customer Advisory Board mission

Upon arrival, the customers gathered for lunch which provided them with an opporutnity to network amongst each other before launching into content. The day kicked off with Adam Markey, VP of Product Management, reviewing the Customer Advisory Board purpose and mission: collaborating with key customers on strategic product development planning, long term performance and mutual business growth.

Addressing our customers’ needs

Up next was Ed Montes, President of Solutions and Chief Revenue Officer, who gave attendees an opportunity to field questions and provide feedback on how dataxu is doing as a business, specifically related to service, software and strategy. Customers were engaged and provided some excellent feedback on how their needs are being met and in what areas we can do better.

Shaping dataxu’s product direction

A large part of the day was spent reviewing dataxu’s current and future product roadmap which then set the stage for interactive workshop sessions facilitated by our Product Management team. The customers broke into three groups and met with our product team to provide feedback on the roadmap items presented and address curated questions on planning, activation and measurement. These workshop sessions give customers an opportunity to provide candid feedback on current products and the future product direction, and also allowed time for knowledge share and networking among the attendees.

After collecting a ton of amazing feedback, the content portion of the event was complete; however, the day was far from over! Customers had the chance to socialize with peers and continue discussions over dinner.  

This event is one of many that dataxu facilitates as part of our commitment to our customers – we truly value these partnerships and look forward to more success in 2019 and beyond!

Check out some event highlights below: