dataxu customer ad fraud prevention savings in 2016


In the beginning of 2015, DataXu instituted a 97% Fraud Free Guarantee in order to build trust with our customers in an industry where trust is not always so easily won.

After our first year of running the Fraud Free Guarantee, we released a report summarizing the results of the program, titled: 2015 Advertising Fraud Report | Programmatic Quality Series. This report detailed the rates of advertising fraud across the entire industry throughout 2015, and provided information about how DataXu was able to achieve a fraud rate significantly lower than the industry average. We saved our customers $54 million with our fraud protection technology.

Two years later, ad fraud unfortunately remains a widespread industry issue. Until fraud is eradicated, we will continue forward with our Fraud Free Guarantee to ensure that each of our customers see valid returns on their programmatic investments.

Let’s take a look at how DataXu protected our customers during 2016.

DataXu 2016 Fraud Update Infographic