DataXu Announces Support for Facebook Exchange, Launches Campaigns


DataXu, provider of the industry’s leading digital marketing management (DMM) platform, today announced that it has run an array of customer campaigns on Facebook® Exchange. As one of the earliest Preferred Marketing Developers (PMD) to receive access to Facebook Exchange, DataXu is now able to build customer campaigns on Facebook Exchange, offering advertising customers the efficiency of real-time bidding and analysis on its powerful marketing platform.

“We’re constantly looking for better ways to help our clients more effectively engage with prospective customers and increase their leads,” commented John Tuchtenhagen, Group Media Director of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. “We chose DataXu for Facebook Exchange for our MINI fall sales event as it gives us the ability to use highly targeted media in a smarter way to drive measurable, lower-funnel KPIs. Dealer locator visits, sales event signups and configurator visits will all be tracked, reported and analyzed.”

DataXu for Facebook Exchange delivers:
• Increased Efficiency: Bring traditional digital display campaigns brokered on cost-effective ad exchanges to Facebook through Facebook Exchange with the full power of DataXu’s best of breed algorithmic optimization.
• Enhanced Relevancy: Deploy data on Facebook to deliver highly relevant messages to target audiences.
• Extended Reach: Brands can engage more broadly with Facebook’s massive user base, targeting at the impression level.

“By utilizing the learning we have gained through our previous DataXu campaigns and applying it to the native Facebook environment, we hope to see a lift in our performance, similar to the way in which our display and video campaigns through DataXu have improved performance vs. ad networks and direct buys,” added Tuchtenhagen. “We will also be able to run direct A/B tests to compare our results on DataXu for Facebook Exchange to the results we garner from native Facebook targeting as well.”

Facebook Exchange allows marketers to reach more than 955 million people on Facebook and is Facebook’s first venture into real-time bidding. This enables brands to reach a wide array of consumers with the most relevant messages.

“The initial results we’ve seen in customer campaigns are very positive, particularly around customer acquisition efforts,” said Mike Baker, CEO and co-founder of DataXu. “Facebook Exchange fundamentally changes the digital marketing game. It enables brands to ‘win with data’ by using their own proprietary data and analytics to get even more value from Facebook’s large, engaged Internet audience. This is a milestone for brands: they can gain market share by leap-frogging competitors by extending highly targeted advertising to Facebook Exchange.”

For more information about DataXu for Facebook Exchange, please contact your DataXu sales representative or email sales at dataxu dot com.