DataXu announces partnership with Singaporean adtech firm AsiaMX


We’re excited to announce our partnership with Singaporean adtech firm AsiaMX this week. AsiaMX is launching Asia’s first programmatic TV advertising sell-side exchange. This Asian-focused Programmatic TV exchange platform for linear TV broadcasters and online video service providers offers media buyers from anywhere in the world a “variety of cross-media opportunities, including television, online video, and mobile.” This partnership will integrate AsiaMX’s Advanced TV exchange into DataXu’s industry-leading demand-side platform, and will make AsiaMX’s Asian inventories available to global media buyers through DataXu.

As a recognized technology leader in programmatic marketing, DataXu is expanding its innovation footprint in the Asia-Pacific region. DataXu brings powerful data science and analytics technologies that enable media companies and marketers to understand the consumer journey across all digital devices. DataXu’s Programmatic TV offering allows brands and agencies to connect with the digital customer on TV, utilizing digital data to create TV audiences through OneView. Additionally, the offering allows clients to amplify and measure TV engagement on digital devices.

AsiaMX plans to introduce the platform in the coming weeks and is looking to expand beyond Southeast Asia, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region. It aims to provide a platform for trading “high-quality television and cross-media advertising inventories across Asia”. TV companies will benefit from AsiaMX’s programmatic advertising solution, from listing, packaging, optimizing and trading of its cross-media inventories. Accredited media buyers will benefit from the ability to discover and easily contract and book television, video and mobile advertising slots from anywhere in the world.

Backed by its cloud-based supply-side platform (SSP), benefits of AsiaMX’s Advanced TV include a robust algorithm-driven programmatic TV exchange platform to match demand and supply. Combined with DataXu’s partnership with Sky in the EU, DataXu is furthering its vision and bringing Programmatic TV to the industry globally.

Read more about DataXu’s partnership with AsiaMX here.