Customers Are Behind the Wheel on the Buying Journey


This post originally appeared on CMWire on January 7, 2014

By Lara Mehanna, General Manager, Mobile

Mad Men’s Don Draper reminds us just how much the advertising world once ran on hubris (“What you call love was invented by me to sell nylons”). And how assured advertising executives were of their ability to control the message (“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation”).

While the hit show surely exaggerates 1960s ad man behavior, there’s no doubt that overall, Don Draper is spot on.

Brands — through their advertisers — told consumers what they wanted, and did so with great authority. People of a certain age will remember Trident’s campaign Four out of five dentists recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum. This statistical-scientific sounding fact was drilled into the consumer’s head so often that later on in the campaign, the brand ran a commercial in which the voice-over asked a young toddler why his mom let him chew Trident. His response: “Because of the thing on TV.”

My how things change. Let me count the ways.

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