Announcing dataxu’s newest patent: Cruise Control


Last month, dataxu received some exciting news. The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for Cruise Control, a key automation feature of dataxu’s DSP, TouchPoint.

Along with in-line options for updating flight bids and budgets manually, Cruise Control is an optimization tool that also takes into account all relative media market conditions on the exchanges being utilized, as well as flight performance, targeting and delivery objectives to produce recommendations for bid and budget adjustments. All of this analysis occurs in the background while campaigns are live. The Cruise Control system looks at bid and win densities and highlights opportunities to improve performance with an intuitive slider to indicate recommended optimizations. The results? More optimizations over the course of a campaign, and a reduction in the time needed to optimize campaigns by campaign managers. By automating much of the optimization process, Cruise Control combines operational efficiency and campaign performance gains.

There’s an interesting, uniquely dataxu origin story behind the useful functionality that is Cruise Control. This feature was first conceptualized during Innovation Day, a dataxu special event held twice a year during which XuKeepers participate in self-formed teams to tackle challenges or ideas that can make dataxu better from a people, process or technology standpoint. Innovation Day is a longstanding dataxu tradition, and on Innovation Day, team structures are suspended, day-to-day projects are put aside and cross-team innovation takes a starring role. Cruise Control was a result of the fifth iteration of Innovation Day, way back in 2012, conceptualized by a team who set out to tackle the challenge of automating many of the mundane tasks that the Ad Operations team is responsible for. Today, Cruise Control saves dataxu customers time and money, and helps to improve campaign performance.

I share the honor of holding this patent with my colleagues Saket Mengle, Beth Logan and Misha Sidorsky, and speak for the whole dataxu team when I say that we’re incredibly proud to have this patent awarded. Our next Innovation Day is coming up in Q1 2017, and I can only imagine what XuKeepers will come up with next to make dataxu a better company for our customers, our partners and our own team!