Continued Growth of Programmatic Requires Changes on the Supply-Side


Originally posted on MediaPost, May 23, 2013mediapost_logo

By Adrian Tompsett, VP of Business Development (@atompsett)

All of us in the programmatic market have seen unbelievable growth over the past couple of years. That said, as this market begins to mature, savvy buyers are asking for more than demand-side platform (DSP) 1.0 (e.g. cheap media and cookie targeting). The good news is that DSP 1.0 has scaled and supply-side platforms (SSPs) and exchanges alike have had remarkable growth. The bad news is that the supply-side has become complacent, and the same formula that drove that growth over the past few years will not drive growth in the future.

Marketers are looking for more – beyond the click, and the view through CPA, to upper funnel campaigns on named media. This is where the real dollars are, and the SSPs that have achieved scale on the old model will not continue to deliver shareholder value in the long term if they do not change their fundamental business practices. The old world was about using cheap media to game attribution models, while the new world is about advertising effectiveness.

What changes are required to transition into the new world? See the full article, Continued Growth of Programmatic Requires Changes on the Supply-Side, to view a starting list that will benefit buyers and sellers alike.