A Match Made In Heaven: Connected TV, Meet Cross-Device Measurement


Originally published on CMO.com

Television has been the darling of the ad world ever since the 1950s, when almost 90% of American households acquired TV sets. But in 2016, we have now brought more screens home than ever before, consuming media not only on TV, but also via phones, tablets, and desktops.

For years, marketers have leveraged data across devices to inform their digital ad strategies. But one device has long stood outside of data scientists’ reach. Although it has long been part of a consumer’s cross-device journey, marketers have traditionally been unable to analyze or target TV viewers with much precision.

Thanks to technology, this is set to change. Unlike their 1950s counterparts, people today view connected TV across devices—catching up on a Netflix series from their phones or browsing Amazon Prime Video from their tablets. This change in consumer behavior has enabled marketers to access and use insights gleaned from various devices to target their ideal television audience for the first time in history. Connected TV is the latest addition to the world of cross-device targeting.

Given that TV has been part of the cross-device consumer journey for a while, it’s now time to make connected TV an inextricable part of cross-device marketing strategies. With programmatic spending on TV ads estimated to rise by over 125% this year alone, the advertising industry is likely to see more and more brands leveraging cross-device data and analytics to target TV junkies. So let’s go ahead and play matchmaker and make them inseparable.

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