The Computerworld Honors Laureate Ceremony and Awards Gala


By Scott Brazina, CMO

Earlier this month, I attended the Computerworld Honors Laureate Ceremony and Awards Gala in Washington DC, where DataXu was honored as an Innovation Laureate. This was the 25th year the Computerworld Honors Program was held; it recognizes organizations around the world that create and use information technology to promote and advance the public welfare, benefit society and change the world for the better.

The 200+ Laureates in 11 categories (which you can see here) were selected after a rigorous application and review process. The panel of judges was made up of IT executives and Computerworld editors. Laureates’ case studies become part of the Honors Program’s Global Archives, available to researchers, students and scholars through the Computerworld Honors website and through records housed in national archives in more than 350 universities, museums and research institutions throughout the world.

This was a truly impressive event. With more than 30 countries represented at the Gala, the international feel and excitement was palpable. The honorees were treated to keynotes from Warren East of Arm Holdings and “Father of the Internet” Vinton Cerf, which lent an inspiring air to the evening. It was great to hear the stories of some of the other laureates. Being nominated in the Innovation category was a particularly big honor for our company, to be recognized alongside companies such as Cisco, Dell, HP and Xerox.

Scott Brazina, third from the right. Photo courtesy of Computeworld
The Innovation Laureates at the Gala. Scott Brazina, third from the right. Photo courtesy of Computeworld

At the end of the evening, a 21st Century Award winner was named in each of the categories. These companies truly embody the spirit of the awards; many supported humanitarian or community-based initiatives. The Innovation category winner, Deque Systems, won for a project that “makes websites accessible to people with disabilities in real-time.”

It was a night to remember; thank you to Computerworld for hosting and putting on a program that honors some of the best and brightest technology companies in the world. DataXu is honored to be a 2013 Laureate!