ClickZ Q&A: Online Advertising Goes Open Source


Programmatic buying of digital media across exchanges is going through an accelerated growth phase. Recognizing the enormous benefits for the entire industry, companies on the buy and sell sides have dropped their competitive biases to create the OpenRTB Consortium. The group’s mission is to improve ad technology adoption and integration through the creation of open, flexible, and safe industry standards. The broad standards are designed to ignite further industry innovation and growth that, until now, has been held back by the lack of standards.

DataXu CEO Mike Baker recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Davey, senior vice president and managing director of SapientNitro. SapientNitro is a very unique company that offers not only agency services and IT consulting, but also financial trading systems. Read the full Q&A with Chris’ perspective on OpenRTB and the changing digital landscape here.