ClickZ: Leading the Agency Evolution


Check out CEO Mike Baker’s Q&A with Neo@Ogilvy’s strategic investments supervisor, Alex Andreyev, in ClickZ!


“The new reality: ubiquitous mobile devices have forever changed consumer behavior, and the data from consumer interactions with these devices has forever changed marketing. Given the challenges and opportunities this data deluge presents to brands, I often wonder what agencies are doing to stay on the edge of innovation and use this data to their clients’ advantage? I recently sat down with Alex Andreyev, strategic investments supervisor at Neo@Ogilvy, to discuss the strides his agency has been making in mobile advertising, and what’s next on the horizon as they lead the trend of the evolution of agencies in a data-driven world.

Mike Baker: Why is Neo@Ogilvy pursuing a mobile demand-side platform (DSP) strategy as opposed to working with mobile ad networks?

Alex Andreyev: At Neo, we are always focused on new opportunities to drive value and performance for our clients; it’s in our DNA. We want to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the continued convergence of media, data, and technology to deliver on our clients’ objectives. Demand-side platforms, while not new for display, are relatively new for mobile. They deliver high value that extends beyond buying predetermined audiences to deliver real-time insights and customer intelligence that inform the media plan for optimal effectiveness and efficiencies. By reaching customers wherever they are, knowing their interests, and making the right offers, we can ultimately amplify our clients’ returns.”