CDX Brand Innovation Summit: Event Recap


On April 21-22, DataXu was a proud sponsor of the 2016 Chief Digital Officer Global Forum: CDX Brand Innovation Summit – East at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park in New York City.

The event was attended by approximately 200 senior digital media and brand brand executives as well as industry influencers. Speakers included executives from brands such as McDonald’s, American Airlines and Dunkin’ Donuts as well as partners like Forrester and Neustar.

Hot topics and key discussion points throughout the event included:

  • The mobile-first paradigm shift + what that means for the bottom-line
  • Activating offline and online data + how that effects customer acquisition
  • The quest for omni-channel success + how it differs from multi-channel success
  • Executing a smart social strategy + why it should influence critical corporate decision making

Over the course of the two-day event, brands had the opportunities to share interesting and exclusive insights into their businesses with other attendees. During a discussion titled “Master App Acquisition & Mobile Engagement” with PBS and Dunkin’ Donuts, Phil Easter, Head of Mobile Apps & Wearables for American Airlines, told the audience that over 60% of flight check-ins are now completed on a mobile device. The audience member who guessed the closest percentage to the true figure won 10,000 American Airlines miles instantly via Twitter.

CDX 2016 panelChuck D. (artist, rapper and co-founder of the groundbreaking hip-hop group Public Enemy) and journalist Harry Allen closed Day 1 of the conference with a discussion on the power of authenticity. During this conversation, Chuck D. proclaimed that words such as “brand” and “marketing” aren’t cool or authentic. To effectively connect with audiences loyal to influencers, brands have to defer to the influencer on what works and what doesn’t work; the influencer knows his or her audience best and knows how to make content that engages that audience. And “buying” a few sporadic tweets from a celebrity is neither authentic or influential. Consumers can spot those efforts a mile away.

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