Building a career: The dataxu LEAP Program


Why have a job when you can build a career?

As a member of dataxu’s first LEAP (Learn, Experience, Apply, Perform) rotation, I am part of a program that’s focused on team building and individual development, inside a company that is focused on the career success of its employees. The LEAP program allows participants to rotate between departments at dataxu’s Corporate Headquarters in Boston, and provides a holistic view of the inner-workings of the company. By the end of the two-year program, I will be fully equipped to put my experience into action as a dataxu Ad Operations Specialist. Since discovering the program as a college senior in April 2016, it has proved to be a great opportunity.

When I initially read the job description, the benefits of the program immediately stood out from other positions I was considering. Instead of being pigeonholed into one role and performing one job, I would have the chance to explore different departments and experience various aspects of the company while continuing my education.

The Program

My technical skills advanced in Ad Operations while working on optimization techniques within ad campaigns. My creative skills flourished in Marketing while working with the website. My next, and last, rotation is to Solutions Architecture where I will learn extensively about creatives and quality analysis, among other technical operations. I’ve gained more knowledge of the advertising technology industry and our platform, as well as my own strengths and areas for development. I am confident that at the end of the LEAP program I will have a robust understanding of dataxu: how the company functions as a corporate entity, the work each department performs, and how to work cross-functionally to maximize success.

Every day, I am encouraged to learn, ask questions, and be curious. My co-workers have given unconditional support through their willingness to sit down with me and teach me the processes and tools I need to excel. During the rotations, I become a fully-integrated team member which allows me to form one-on-one relationships in each department that I would not typically have the chance to build.

A System of Support

dataxu established an open line of communication and a foundation of support by assigning a mentor to each LEAP associate. Mentors help to guide us through the industry and act as a valuable resource when we have questions. I also rely on the others in my LEAP cohort; as we all started in the same position and face similar challenges and situations, we have been able to support each other in a number of ways over the course of the program. This has led to a close-knit group as we progress through our LEAP experience together.

Career development is a crucial aspect of dataxu culture: in the nine months I’ve worked here, I have had multiple meetings about my personal career trajectory and how I will navigate myself successfully. It is uplifting to have a company who cares, and peers who encourage, support and help each other every day.

Interested in learning more about dataxu careers? Check out our careers page or reach out to People Strategy for more information.