Bringing DCO to the DataXu Platform


Today, JasperLabs, the dynamic creative optimization (DCO) company I founded three years ago, was acquired by DataXu. Before I had even met the DataXu team, I used to reference a nice DataXu study in which it’s shown that creative is one of the most significant drivers of campaign performance. So as you can imagine, I’m extremely excited to have JasperLabs technology become part of the DataXu programmatic marketing stack. Personalization and one-to-one marketing are big buzzwords now and it’s at this intersection of creative and media where dynamic creative can help connect the dots, enabling marketers to personalize creative messaging in a more integrated fashion throughout a consumer’s journey.

DataXu Acquires JasperLabs DCO - Quote from Stefan

Dynamic creative optimization technologies have been around for quite some time and have proven to be powerful tools for increasing performance of online campaigns. Direct marketers and consumers are certainly familiar with the retargeted ads showing them products they have viewed on an advertiser’s site (the most common example of DCO), but dynamic creative can also be extremely useful at the other end of the campaign strategy where the conversations turn towards branding and engaging new consumers.

When thinking about creative and media strategies together, there are three things that will help contribute to a campaigns success:

  • Personalize: Getting the consumer’s attention requires relevant creative content that resonates
  • Engage: Once you have their attention, engage them with creative that allows consumers to explore your brand and product offerings
  • Optimize: Continuous testing and optimization of creative and media will help refine the strategy and keep the dialog with consumers fresh

One of the biggest hindrances in our space is fragmentation and the number of vendors required to accomplish personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns. In addition to industry leading algorithmic optimization, DataXu has one of the most diverse integrated creative suites in the industry spanning display, mobile, social and video across exchange, private exchange and premium buys. Dynamic creative adds one more capability for marketers to capitalize on across this diverse set of media inventory within one stack, making DataXu’s programmatic marketing platform even more appealing to marketers looking to create the best possible experience for customers and prospects.

Check out additional details in the press release here, and reach out to us at if you’d like to learn more!

by Stefan Lucyshyn