Why Brands Need to Stay Attuned to their Customers


This post originally appeared on the MITX Blog on August 2, 2013.MITX

By Jessica Carneiro, Senior Director of the Advanced Analytics Group

According to a recent study from the CMO Council and SAS, some of the most important data brand marketers seek to add to their customer profiles is online customer information—a picture of what else customers are doing online when not on their brand’s site. But how often do you need to look at who your best customers are? Is this an exercise marketers should do just once, or a few times a year? The answer to this question depends on how often you think your customer profiles change.

However, research indicates marketers should monitor their customers continuously throughout the year because customer profiles change from week to week and from month to month, driven by economic changes and changes in marketing programs. With continuous monitoring of customer profiles, brands can adjust their marketing strategies in response to shifts in consumer behavior. To illustrate the benefits of continuous monitoring, consider three specific use cases for timely customer profile data, based on online customer profiles for multiple automotive websites.

To see the three use cases Jessica mentions, please read the full article on the MITX blog!