Brand Tracking the Hotel Industry


Lodging industry trade publication declared “real-time marketing” to be one of the industries biggest trends for 2015. We’re not surprised. Our real-time marketing platform knows a lot about the hotel, travel and hospitality industry. Case in point: our new report, “Brand Tracking the Hotel Industry.”

The lodging industry is incredibly competitive today, and smart marketers are increasingly turning to data and analytics for an edge. We recently compiled data comparing the browsing patterns of consumers as they relate to two-dozen major hotels.

Across more than 10 million site visits, these data reveal an incredible competitive industry, with brand share (the percent of site visit URLs that include the hotel’s name) tightly clustered.

brand tracker

Where does your hotel rank?

Our unique methodology goes much broader than search, which is limited to in-market travelers, to help you assess your brand share. Inside this report:

  • What are the top 10 hotels’ brand share?
  • How does your brand share change with time in comparison to others?
  • Who are your customers cross shopping for?

And more. Click here to get a complimentary copy of this report.

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