The Boston Globe: More Companies Include Retreat Time to Innovate


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post on one of DataXu’s favorite traditions, Innovation Day, The Boston Globe published an article on how companies are encouraging team building and time to innovate beyond the usual scope of work–and our Innovation Day was highlighted as an example!

We hosted reporter Aaron Lester during our November Innovation Day, and he included a great example of one of the coolest ideas that came out of Innovation Day:

“Software engineer Snejana Shegheva knew her company had a problem explaining its complicated technology to clients.

She wanted a simpler way to demonstrate how the firm, DataXu, which provides online marketing services, uses mathematical formulas to determine when and where clients should buy advertising on websites. Then, as any good geek does, she was watching a favorite television show, “Spongebob Squarepants,” when inspiration struck.

“Spongebob was teaching Patrick how to blow bubbles. First the bubble was huge and beautiful, but complicated. Then the bubble burst into thousands of smaller, simpler bubbles.”

Shegheva thought, what if DataXu broke out all the information it churns through every day into individual bubbles — and bubbles within bubbles — each a floating, clickable sphere providing an insight into the media-buying decision?

So several weeks ago Shegheva took the idea to DataXu’s semiannual “Innovation Day,” where she and colleagues got a break from work to tinker with new ideas. The result was a new data visualization tool that gave clients and colleagues significantly more information about an advertising campaign.”

There are some additional examples of other companies doing collaborative innovation projects as well, which you can see in today’s print-version of the Globe and at More companies include retreat time to innovate