Boston Data Festival @ DataXu!


Next week kicks off the second annual Boston Data Festival, which brings together the meetup community, entrepreneurs, VCs and others to highlight Boston’s data-centric scene.

DataXu is excited to be a sponsor of the week’s activities (data’s in our name, after all!), and we’re also hosting a very cool session on Tuesday in our Boston office! See the description below and register here.

Hope to see you there!

15 Petabytes of Data, 1M Requests per second, 5 continents: A look inside DataXu’s Big Data Engine

The scale of big data in 2014 is bigger than ever. Amounts of data beyond comprehension are being processed every day, and there’s some serious tech going on behind the scenes that powers this big data engine.

Join DataXu co-founders Sandro Catanzaro and Bill Simmons as they peel back the many layers of technology that enable DataXu to respond to more than 1 million requests per second across more than 50 countries on 5 continents. From Amazon Web Services to Hadoop, find out what makes DataXu’s Big Data engine tick during this informative session.