BostInno: Ask a Founder with Bruce Journey


BostInnoLast week, BostInno kicked off a new editorial series called “Ask a Founder,” where they showcase tips and stories from entrepreneurs. For the inaugural edition, business & tech writer Gillis Bernard interviewed DataXu co-founder and chief customer office Bruce Journey. Check out the three tips Bruce outlined for entrepreneurs on starting their own ventures below!

1.      The only way to learn what not to do is from experience. 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same that doesn’t work over and over again,” said Journey. “You learn and adjust as you go.”

2.      When you discover a novel solution, there’s a good chance that you will have to wait for the industry to catch up.

“We have tech that is disrupting the entire industry,” Journey said of the company’s revolutionary big data programmatic marketing tool. “Educating the industry of what its benefits are, and what its pitfalls are, has been a challenge.”

3.      Starting a company is a 24/7 job. No, seriously.

“Most entrepreneurs, when you’re starting out, you don’t know what you are getting into,” said Journey. “These are not 9-to-5 jobs. These are all-the-time jobs. When we were starting the company, and even now, we don’t really stop…unless you’re prepared to do that and are in the right place as an entrepreneur, it might not be for you.”

See the full article, 3 Tips for Startup Success from DataXu Co-founder Bruce Journey, over at BostInno!