Big Data Republic: Big Data’s Role in Programmatic Media


Originally published on Big Data Republic – November 29, 2012 

Programmatic media comprise the fastest growing segment in digital advertising, which is the fastest growing segment in marketing — and big data is pushing it all along.

Truth in advertising
For a while, digital media took over (in ROI advertising terms) just where print had left off. Everything looked fine and circulation numbers were identifiable, but beyond that no one really had any idea how prices were defined in relation to what they got back. Realism fast set in, with purchasers of online advertising empowered to find out exactly what exposure and results they are getting for their spend.

In this respect, using big data to drive efficiency in marketing services is chasing the “low hanging fruit,” Mike Baker, CEO of DataXu told me. There will be plenty of uses for big data in business, but the most implementable and most obvious is making sure marketing campaigns work. This is exactly where DataXu fit in, managing the lifecycle of digital marketing in one centralized platform.

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