Big Data: The Newest Political Campaigning Tool


Tarya Wadhwa has a great article up on the Huffington Post, How Big Data Could Determine the Winner of Today’s Electionthat looks at the use of Big Data by the presidential campaigns to create targeted messages to specific audiences–right down to the individual level. With an estimated $78 million spent on online advertising by the two presidential candidates (which is a 251% increase from the online spend in 2008), it’s clear that using big data to connect with voters is a new favorite tactic of both major parties.

From the article:

“Just as television advertising revolutionized the field in the 1960s, this election will likely mark digital-behavioral advertising as the next frontier in voter outreach… Zac Moffatt, digital director for Mitt Romney’s campaign, said to The New York Times that “two people in the same house could get different messages,” and that “not only would the message change, the type of content would change.”

This is certain to be a closely analyzed topic now that the election is over and as campaign spending is broken down (we did just see the most expensive presidential campaign in history, after all), and it will be interesting to see what conclusions are drawn around the effectiveness of highly target digital advertising.

You can read the full article here. Did you see evidence of Big Data in any of the marketing you saw from any of the campaigns this election cycle? Share your examples in the comments!