APAC Marketing Innovation Summit: Event Recap


DataXu was a proud sponsor of The Marketing Innovation Summit held on November 3, 2016 in the Marriott Tang Plaza, Singapore. The third annual Marketing Innovation event was the most ambitious of the event series yet.

This year’s event focused on internal transformation, technological transformation and getting ready to head boldly toward the future. Key questions discussed included, “How can brand marketers transform their businesses to be ready for cutting-edge technologies?” and “How will brand marketers utilize their marketing budgets to drive overall business growth?”

2017 will be a year that promises more change, more disruption and more opportunities for APAC marketers, and DataXu sponsored the conference in an effort to help lead the way.

James Sampson on a panel at MIS Asia

James Sampson, Vice President and General Manager for DataXu APAC, spoke at the summit in a panel discussing Ad Fraud in Asia and sharing insights on about viewability, fraud and trust in programmatic buying. The panel focused on highlighting the challenges faced in digital advertising, tips on how to avoid fraud and what the industry can do to increase trust among participants in programmatic marketing. James was joined by fellow panelists from GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever.

The topic of ad fraud has traveled to the other side of the globe and is becoming one of the major concerns among Asia Pacific’s top programmatic marketers. During the panel discussion, James discussed how brands can avoid fraud when executing their campaigns programmatically, as well as how the industry should support independent measurement across the digital media spectrum when it comes to challenges around viewability, fraud, brand safety and audience verification.

DataXu outlined “The Three C’s” (Consumer, Context and Creative) that need to be aligned in order to deliver superior marketing and user experience. However, James also discussed how the region is shifting back towards valuing “Context” very highly, with the quality of ad formats and access to publisher inventory increasing in the region.

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