ANA Magazine April 2016 Special Section: “It’s Time to Double Down on Data”


DataXu’s perspective on the role of data and analytics in modern marketing was featured in the ANA’s April 2016 Magazine edition in a special five-page spread. In the piece, DataXu contributors discuss how leading brand marketers from innovative companies such as ConAgra and Lexus are successfully placing big bets on data and analytics to drive sales and beat the competition. “It’s Time to Double Down on Data” outlines five ways marketers can use data and analytics to win big.

  1. Cashing in on untapped data
  2. Rewriting the success metrics rulebook
  3. Going all-in on cross-device
  4. Expanding television’s reach to include digital audiences
  5. Minimizing losses and maximizing wins in real time

Click here to read the article and discover:

  • How ConAgra’s marketing team is leveraging data and analytics to deliver improved return on investment
  • Statistics and insights around America’s auto advertising industry
  • How Lexus is using Market Pulse technology to drive increased sales revenue and improve conversion rates