The Algorithm Marketplace: The Newest Addition to the DataXu Platform


Today, we’re excited to officially launch the DataXu Algorithm Marketplace, a major new addition to our enterprise programmatic marketing platform.

The Marketplace is a library of algorithms created over time from our experience solving clients’ complex marketing problems. Every time we drive value, we add another algorithm to the marketplace. For the first time, dozens of algorithms are available to users in one place, so brands and their agencies get complete transparency and control of their advertising investment strategies. Our clients can also continue to innovate and collaborate with us to develop custom algorithms that address their business’ unique opportunities and challenges.

DataXu’s mission is to help brands drive sales through data science. The Algorithm Marketplace offers a scientific “test and learn” methodology to continually refresh campaign models based on learnings acquired over time. The continuous cycle of testing, learning and executing plus the flexibility of the DataXu Platform gives our clients the ability and confidence to standardize on one platform that will meet their needs today and tomorrow.

The one-size fits all approaches to optimization and the need to try multiple partners to get flexibility and choice are a thing of the past. Our customers can capitalize on the programmatic aspects of digital marketing with one solution to make decisions based on real-time data and optimize their marketing investments to improve ROI.

Stay tuned for additional platform innovations designed to make our customer’s marketing easier, more effective and more efficient!