Advanced TV: Taking your digital transformation to the next level


The digital age moves fast, and whether we like it or not we must move with it. We live in a time where our ability to adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape is constantly being tested.

The ability to adapt to these changes and adopt new technologies is crucial for agencies and their clients. And while the TV space has gone through a massive digital transformation of its own, marketing professionals aren’t as eager to retire traditional TV. Agencies and their clients have reaped the benefits of digital transformation in other areas of business—why not take that transformation a step further with Advanced TV?

The benefits gained through digital transformation are great. Here are just a few you’ll notice:

Audience Insights

With the digital transformation of TV comes the ability to combine all consumer data from various sources into a structured actionable format. By combining your client’s data in an organized manner, you can gain a better picture of what their average consumer looks like.

Advanced TV allows you to specifically target that audience through TV and reduce the noise of reaching irrelevant households. These actionable insights can be used to optimize your client’s business strategy and further align internal processes.

Customer Focus

There are many different reasons companies decide to implement digital transformation strategies, one of them being to enhance the experience of their consumers.

Digital transformation offers more accurate data into specific interests, needs, and purchasing patterns allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your client’s consumers. More accurate data leads to a better, more efficient advertising strategy for your client.

As consumers have drastically changed the ways in which they watch TV, only by adapting to these changes can your agency fully unlock the power of digital transformation—and create an even better advertising experience for your client’s consumers.


If there is anything certain about business today, it’s that nothing remains constant. As the digital age continues to evolve and move at a rapid pace, agencies and their clients must be ready to develop along with it.

Keeping up with this evolution enables you to improve and adapt quickly when there are new tools or trends out there. This fosters an environment for continuous growth and innovation that your agency needs to deliver on the ever-changing demands of the consumer.

Embracing the new ways consumers watch their favorite content is an opportunity for your agency to improve your client’s strategy and meet the demands of consumers.

Adapting for the future

Fully embracing digital goes beyond the buzz-worthy tangible benefits it creates—it gives you the agility to continue adapting in the future. By going digital, your agency is well equipped to evolve alongside future changes rather than resisting them and falling behind the trends.