Four Advanced TV marketing trends to look out for in 2018


This article was originally written for, and published on, Digital Market Asia.
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The last two years have seen a rapid evolution in the way viewers around the globe access TV content. These changes in consumer behavior are forcing marketing professionals to re-evaluate long-time TV advertising strategies in order to reach an increasingly fragmented and elusive audience. To help ensure your 2018 media plans are built to mirror today’s consumer preferences, here are four predictions from dataxu’s TV team based on our work with global agencies, media companies, and advertisers on what to expect when it comes to Advanced TV in 2018 in APAC:

1. Adoption of a “TV Everywhere” mentality:

Confusion still remains among marketing professionals as to whether Advanced TV falls into traditional TV budgeting and planning cycles, or digital. In 2018, dataxu predicts that agencies, media companies, and advertisers will finally adopt the consumer viewpoint on this debate and start treating long-format, live TV content and online video content as one and the same. New varieties of television may be blurring the lines between the realms of traditional TV and digital, but the consumer isn’t drawing a distinction between the programme she viewed on her tablet vs. her internet-connected Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, or IPTV. And the creative challenge of sight, sound, and motion remains the same for advertisers: engage consumers through relevant, timely, and personalized messaging to inspire them to act.

The marketing professionals who adopt a TV Everywhere mentality will be ahead of the competition when it comes to providing consumers with a seamless experience. Marketing professionals who choose to apply programmatic omnichannel identity and data management technology to their buys will also be able to take advantage of new reach and frequency capping capabilities for television.

2. Creation of new options for TV viewing by Pay TV operators:

According to the IAB, Connected TV streams have experienced explosive growth—increasing by 351% in total from January 2016-March 2017 in Australia alone across the four major FTA broadcasters. In 2018, dataxu predicts that Pay TV operators throughout the APAC region will begin offering more individual- and household-level addressable environments (making content and subscriptions available through new set-top boxes and devices or apps) in order to fulfill the needs of consumers. Some will follow Western Pay TV operators and adjust their consumer offerings towards à la carte options or skinny bundles.

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