Adding To The Brand Conversation


Originally published on AdExchanger – November 21, 2012 

Over the summer, Bob Arnold of Kellogg started a column called Brand Aware on AdExchanger. Bob wrote something everyone in digital marketing can relate to: the industry doesn’t do brand advertising well, and until we do, those dollars – orders of magnitude larger in terms of spend – will simply not flow into digital.

In an effort to add to the conversation, I’d like to share some of the principles I have learned about brand advertising.

Online brand surveys are becoming more and more common.  Unfortunately, in my experience, online brand surveys are used more as a CYA than as a legitimate approach to address the brand advertising question.  It is my belief that if digital marketers and planners thought about the following 4 key principles when they ask their platform partners for a campaign with ‘branding’ as an objective, they will be well-served.

To see the 4 principles, please see the full article here: Adding to the Brand Conversation.