Is Your Ad Strategy Ready to Take Flight?


Did you know nearly HALF of travelers use mobile devices to make travel decisions?

In addition, international tourism grew to more than 1 BILLION travelers in 2013. That’s a huge market! Consumers are increasingly on the go and using an array of tools to help them research, book and review their travels.

–>29% of travelers have used a mobile device to find flight deals

–>30% have used a mobile device to find hotel deals

–>15% have downloaded mobile apps specific to upcoming vacations

–>85% of leisure travelers use their smartphone while abroad

As this trend continues, advertising opportunities continue to evolve for us media planners – we now have to find and engage this new class of travelers online across all devices and websites.  However, this presents a huge opportunity for brands to effectively target this audience.

The great news is that programmatic marketing allows you not just to reach travelers on all devices, but to reach them in much more finely-tuned, personalized way than was ever possible with limited channels. You are now able to understand and engage travelers with unprecedented insight. For example –

  • Are they looking for cold weather adventures or warm weather relaxation?
  • What will they need for their destination?
  • Male or female, family or couple?
  • Business or personal travel?

Check out our new infographic and learn how you can connect with the right travelers for your brand and effectively target them at their moment of intent.


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