Just Released: ABCD Guidelines for Programmatic Buying for Linear Broadcast Television


Through DataXu’s work with brands and agencies, and television partners such as Dish and Sky, it has become apparent that the demand for standards around programmatic buying for linear broadcast television has reached a fever pitch.

In response to this urgent need, Version 1 of the ABCDs (Automated Linear Broadcast Cross Device Standard) was released in New York live onstage during GABBCON NYC on March 2, 2016. The industry’s technical standard for programmatic TV has been worked on for months by 17 partners representing a cross-section of the entire industry including: DataXu, TiVo Research, Hulu, TubeMogul, IPONWEB, Neustar, AOL, Omnicom Media Group, IPG, Clypd, SpotX, iSpotTV, CBS, Fox and AdMore. DataXu is proud to be leading the way when it comes to standardizing this new opportunity for advertisers.

It was critical to gain consensus and collaboration on such standards from a cross-section of the industry to ensure all parties were represented: buy side, sell side and the ad-tech community at large. Bringing programmatic principles and best practices to broadcast is an enormous opportunity for the industry, and this diverse working group sought to gather all pertinent definitions, guidelines and specs into one guiding document for us all. The TV industry ecosystem will benefit from programmatic and big data, and widespread adoption of the ABCD guidelines and specifications will allow TV sellers and buyers to capture the increased value generated.

Programmatic television is full of promise, but unless sellers, buyers and partners unite under a common glossary and set of specifications, confusion and apprehension will deter inventory from making its way into the marketplace. Inventory, above all, is what is needed to ensure that programmatic TV can and will succeed.

Click here to download the new ABCD guidelines, and see today’s write up from MediaPost here.