Introducing DX3 – and a New Era for Digital Marketing



It’s been a tremendous year for DataXu. Our business has tripled, we’ve launched in Europe and we’ve introduced a number of innovative new products – including DX Brand, DX Mobile, DX Video, and DX Social – all developed to make digital marketing easier and more effective.

From our inception just two years ago, our vision has been to create an enterprise solution that fully automates and optimizes digital marketing investments, making it simple for marketers to use Big Data to drive profit. Today, we are pleased to see that vision become a reality with the launch of DX3 – the first and only fully-integrated digital marketing management platform.

We live in the era of ubiquitous computing. It’s changing consumer behavior and, in turn, driving a paradigm shift in marketing. This leaves marketers in the unenviable position of trying to piece together myriad new point solutions, while struggling to make sense of the deluge of consumer behavior data generated by their increasing investments in digital media.

The cornerstone of DX3 is the ability to turn consumer behavior data into insight, and insight into immediate, intelligent action. Our transformative Active Analytics™ capabilities enable marketers to automatically optimize the ROI of their digital marketing investments. And DX3 incorporates all the required tools – DSP, data management and attribution management – into an easy-to-use console.

DX3 is already generating incredible results for our customers, including:
• Technology and service fee savings of $1.5-$2.5MM/year
• Media cost reduction by up to 60%
• Audience/data loss reduction by up to 40%

As with our prior major releases, we expect the third generation of DataXu’s platform to set the tone for the rest of the industry. Indeed, in 2009 our initial product was heralded as the first demand side platform that could make ad investment decisions in real time (RTB); in 2010 we released DX2, the first platform to extend this capability across mobile and video channels; and now with DX3 we are the first to give marketers an “integrated stack” that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together behind a simple, powerful user interface.

At DataXu we pride ourselves on the fact that each and every one of our products has been developed by listening to our customers’ needs. We look forward to continuing to work with them to invent the future of digital marketing.

Michael K. Baker
CEO and Co-Founder